5 Reasons You Must Try Hot Air Balloon Ride at least Once in your Life

Do you want to make a big impression on your significant other? Do you like making surprises and creating unforgettable memories? If you do, surely you will like this idea of bringing your family, friends, and partner on the hot air balloon ride New Zealand has to offer.

Unlike taking a helicopter or an aeroplane ride, the pilot will allow you to help in setting up and inflating the balloon. That’s not only the fun part. You can also get a clearer view of the skies and even the earth below. In fact, you have 5 more reasons to book a flight.

hot air balloon ride new zealand


If you are looking forward to proposing to your beloved or even simply just want to surprise him or her for your anniversary, taking the New Zealand hot air balloon ride is definitely one of the top choices for a romantically unforgettable experience. This possibly even beats simple activities such as spending afternoons at the park and dinner dates. When you are 5,000 feet above ground, it simply makes both of you feel inseparable.


The hot air balloon ride New Zealand service providers have been offering, give views that you will surely find impressive and beautiful. Unlike peering through your binoculars on the ground, you will get a better look of the Canterbury Plains and even the Southern Alps when you are flying way up above. Especially if you love nature, the panoramic views offered by the balloon ride will absolutely leave you breathless.


Have you ever dreamt of flying like your favourite superheroes as a child? Probably, you did at least for once. When you have flying as an item on your bucket list, this is certainly the closest thing that you can do to fulfil such desire. The hot air balloon ride in New Zealand will literally make you feel like flying through the clouds. Unlike taking a flight in an aeroplane, you will get a feel of the wind blowing in your face whilst flying thousands of feet above the ground.


Aside from getting a better view of the rolling hills and distant villages on the ground, a balloon ride will also allow you to see more beyond the horizon. When you take off during the wee hours of the morning, you will surely catch a glimpse of the most impressive and picturesque sunrise ever.


Do you feel determined in overcoming your fear of heights? Why won’t you take the hot air balloon ride New Zealand ballooning services have been offering? Do not worry about feeling nauseous on the way up. In fact, the ascent is gentle and paced slowly. This will give you enough time to acclimatise to the experience of flying. Besides, you will have the most beautiful views around you that you might totally forget that you are scared.

Gain a new perspective on the world around you and bring your family and friends along. Understand more about the ballooning world and immerse yourself in a different kind of touring experience with ballooners from service providers like Ballooning Canterbury to find New Zealand hot air balloon ride.