Childcare Aspects Most Parents Find Hard To Ignore

Although a parent is the first teacher to their child, childcare staff and personnel are actually the first teachers. Parents cannot afford to stay with their children at home until they are probably five years old. Most parents are a working class and the maternity leave they get is not that long. For this reason, parents end up looking for a reputable childcare facility such as the child care centre Clayton has today for early education services. Considering the aspects below shows you care for your child welfare:


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Business hours

When the childcare facility opens and closes is of great importance to any working parent. Where possible, most parents expect the business hours of the childcare facility to fit their work schedule. Different childcare facilities have different policies regarding picking up and dropping off children late. As a parent, it is good to know the operation hours and policies of the childcare Clayton has today concerning holidays. If your work schedule and the policy of the facility contradict, this would cause many inconveniences that would not be healthy for either you or your child.


It is good to be certain that the staff in the childcare facility have the required credentials to handle your child. Office personnel, facility directors and teachers with the right professional and educational qualifications set the right academic foundation for your child. Get to know the teacher who would be handling your child most of the times. This means you would expect to see and talk to that teacher when picking up or dropping off your child. See whether staff to child ratio is one to four especially among the 13-35-month-old children. This aspect is crucial when assessing the suitability of the daycares in my area. See more here Future Super Stars Early Learning Centres

Communication and feedback

Although parents drop-off their kids to childcare facilities and proceed to their workplace, they still want to keep that attachment during the day. This means they may keep calling the teacher just to know how the children are fairing. Most parents find it unkind when they make calls that go unanswered. On the other hand, the teacher may wish to communicate to the parent if an issue occurs. This would not be possible if there is no good communication network. It is important for every child care centre Clayton has today to provide the parents with daily reports concerning eating habits, daily activities, and behavior.

Environment and atmosphere of the facility

If a parent doesn’t find the atmosphere of the childcare facility appealing, they are unlikely to enroll their kids there. Parents want to know whether the childcare facility is properly sanitized and spotlessly clean. They also expect to find special rooms where diaper-changing is usually done. One indication that hygiene is highly observed in a child care centre Clayton has today is having staff who wash their hands regularly.

Actually, many parents expect the childcare environment to be equal or better than that of the child’s home. Parents should not look at the facility structure from a distance and make conclusions. They should ascertain what they hear from others concerning any of the local childcare centres. Getting down to the above aspects is one way to ensure your child gets into a safe and good place. Visit